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Mar 16, 2021

Join a high-level conversation with CCW Digital Analyst, Matt Wujciak and Loris CEO, Etie Hertz as Etie covers the future of customer service, agent/employee training, digital channels, and consumer behavior.

Etie is the CEO of Loris, an AI tool that provides real time coaching to customer service agents as they navigate hard conversations. Loris provides dynamic text suggestions to agents who are helping customers via digital channels including chat, email, SMS and messaging.

Etie began his career as a corporate attorney at a large, multinational firm focusing on M&A and Venture Capital. He left in ‘07 to start an investing company and that led him to start several businesses - some of which failed and a few that succeeded. In 2008 he founded a payments company that he sold in 2015 to ShopKeep--the first iPad based point of sale company (preceding even Square). He served as the CRO at Shopkeep, which was then acquired by Lightspeed, a publicly traded Point of Sale company.

Now, as the CEO of Loris, he's empowering the world’s fastest-growing companies to have better conversations with their customers. Learn how at