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Oct 28, 2021

More times than not, building a 360 degree view of the customer begins with digital marketing and building a positive perception of a product or service before the purchase and post-purchase phase. Today, business leaders are quickly realizing that they need to align marketing with CX to drive customer acquisition before focusing on customer retention and loyalty. 

In this fireside chat, CCW Digital's Matt Wujciak discusses blending marketing, brand perception, and CX with Wajma Mohseni - marketing expert and former Director Of Global Brand Marketing at the WSJ. 

Wajma is the Co-founder and co-chair of DJ Green, an environmental initiative at Dow Jones with a network of 300+ global volunteers. 

She was also the Judge at ANA (Association of National Advertisers) B2B Awards (2021) and the North American Transform Awards (2017).

Wajma was also selected for The Asia Society Young Leaders program in 2010.