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Apr 19, 2018

DBS Bank’s Managing Director, Head of Customer Experience Raju Nair joins us and shares that everything changed with the new CEO: "When he stated our new aspiration then was to become the bank of choice, initially. And he then said, 'Okay, we are the bank of choice for Asia, so we need to stand for Asian service. What is Asian service?' And the fact that even at that point of time, he spent almost four to five months, defining what is Asian service and he gave us that time. And then at the end of talking to all our customers and employees across the six markets, we came up with 96 different themes of what is Asian service. And then, him along with the top 50 of the banks, sat in a room and heard those 96 themes immersed in all the things that customers and employees told and then distilled it down to six. And we further distilling it down to three, which became our respectful, easy to deal with, and dependable, which is RED for Asian service."