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Jul 12, 2018

If you want to know how your contact center is currently performing, look at your metrics and scorecards. If you want to truly understand how customers feel about your brand – and how to fix any problems – you need to dig deeper. You need a robust, ever-evolving analytics program.

SiriusXM is fervently committed to such a program, and senior solutions manager Emily Deragon discusses that analytics journey in the new CCW Digital podcast.

“We’re ingesting two million calls per month for customer care, and we’re truly getting into the ‘deep and dirty’ insights of what’s happening on our calls,” explains Emily Deragon of SiriusXM in the latest CCW Digital Podcast. “How can it help us with training, how can it help us better forecast, how can it improve agent and customer experiences?”

Recorded at the 2018 CCW Vegas, this episode also features commentary from Brian LaRoche of CallMiner Eureka.